《VTC Windows7 教程》(VTC Microsoft Windows7)英文版 [光盘镜像]

《VTC Windows7 教程》(VTC Microsoft Windows7)英文版 [光盘镜像]
  • 片  名  《VTC Windows7 教程》(VTC Microsoft Windows7)英文版 [光盘镜像]
  • 简  介  发行日期: 2009年12月10日对白语言: 英语文字语言: 英文
  • 类  别  教育
  • 小  类  计算机

  • 详细介绍简介: Course Description:
    Windows 7 is Microsoft's latest version of the Windows operating system. One of the main questions surrounding this release is whether it will woo the users who skipped Vista and remained on the XP operating system. Just a few days after the official release of Windows 7, the answer is a resounding yes. Windows 7 offers many new improvements in the user experience, speed, stability and backward compatability. A new taskbar, incredible graphics and a much improved User Account Control (UAC) system make this a must upgrade release. In this course, Mark Long will introduce you to many of the new features and functionalities in Windows 7 and show you a few of the early tricks and tips that you will find extremely helpful in moving to Windows 7. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.
    由VTC公司出品的: Microsoft Windows 7教学, 主讲人 Mark Long , 教程时长约为7小时.
    Windows 7 是微软公司最新版操作系统 .围绕这个版本主要的问题之一是, 它会否争取到那些放弃 Vista而保留了XP系统的用户。在 Windows 7 正式发布几天之后 ,这个问题得到了一个明确的肯定性的答复 。 Windows 7系统提供了多方面的改进, 用户体验 、速度、稳定性、以及向后兼容性等。 全新的任务栏 难以置信的图形界面, 大大改善UAC(用户账户控制)系统,使其成为一个必然的升级版本。在该课程中, Mark Long 向读者介绍了 Windows 7一些新功能及其特色, 并教授一些早期的方法和技巧, 这对于帮助升级到 Windows 7的用户是非常有帮助的 .
    以上为本人根据个人理解翻译而成。本人英文较差 欢迎广大网友指正 。
    同时希望热心的网友能把以下视频教程目录简介等能翻译成中文 方便后来的驴友们 ~!
    Author: Mark Long
    Release Date: 2009-12-10
    Work Files: Yes
    Captions: Available on CD and Online University
    Introduction (02:22) T
    Course Overview (04:29) T
    What's New (05:41) T
    Getting Hands On (04:09) T
    Installing Windows 7
    Windows 7 Versions (06:53) T
    System Requirements (04:00) T
    Installation Options (02:43) T
    Upgrade Advisor (05:44) T
    Installing Windows 7 pt. 1 (06:30) T
    Installing Windows 7 pt. 2 (03:45) T
    Installing Windows 7 pt. 3 (03:37) T
    Installing Windows 7 pt. 4 (04:03) T
    Deploying Windows 7 (04:31) T
    Windows Deployment Services (04:02) T
    Anytime Upgrades (07:08) T
    User Experience
    The Desktop (05:09) T
    Peek/Shake Snap (05:12) T
    The New Taskbar pt. 1 (06:39) T
    The New Taskbar pt. 2 (04:34) T
    The Start Button (04:40) T
    Windows Explorer (07:47) T
    Gadgets (05:58) T
    Keyboard Shortcuts (06:24) T
    Calibrating the Display (05:03) T
    Device Stage (04:46) T
    Drive Display Options (04:46) T
    Sticky Notes (03:57) T
    Default Programs (04:58) T
    Pinning (04:44) T
    Calc Wordpad (06:14) T
    The Old Quick Launch Bar (04:54) T
    Opening the Command Prompt (03:43) T
    Files/Folders Data
    Libraries pt. 1 (05:14)
    Libraries pt. 2 (06:28)
    Libraries pt. 3 (06:48)
    Folder Options (03:23)
    Windows 7 Networking
    Window 7 Networking Basics (07:17)
    Windows HomeGroup pt. 1 (06:39)
    Windows HomeGroup pt. 2 (03:47)
    DirectAccess (06:45)
    Windows 7 Remote Access (02:41)
    Controlling Remote Access (05:50)
    Remote Assistance pt. 1 (07:04)
    Remote Assistance pt. 2 (04:26)
    Remote Desktop (07:42)
    Windows PE (05:27)
    Windows PE Command Line (06:28)
    Getting Windows PE (02:07)
    Problem Steps Recorder (05:32)
    RoboCopy (07:45)
    Federated Search (05:17)
    Security Privacy
    User Account Control (07:11)
    Managing UAC (07:02)
    Disable UAC for Admins Only (05:12)
    Managing User Accounts (07:09)
    Creating a New User (07:
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